‘Where light shines darkness cannot follow yet through the prism, light is molded to a vantage point not intended at its origin

It is so easy to get stuck in a problem or in a certain mind-set. Habitual behaviors and a seemingly unchanging environment keep us locked into one dimensional thinking; I know this because I experience it every day.

This automatic thinking is a prison, not a prism.

We all understand intellectually that there are many vantage points from which to view any specific situation or behaviour, however, we rarely explore those alternates. Stimulating prism thinking allows us to deliberately and with purpose explore ways of thinking and being, which previously would have been unavailable to us. Consider glass vs diamonds. Glass is glass and will always be glass — no matter which one of the two ways you look through it. A diamond however can reflect any spectrum of colours; it just depends on how you choose to hold it.

Moving our thinking around to see and reflect on things differently is like holding that diamond to the light and seeing all the possible colours in its prism. This creates a space for tolerance, co-creation and empathy to take root within us and to mature into character traits. The exploration of alternatives has always preceded enlightenment and growth, (albeit with a certain amount of adaptation and discomfort needed to be conquered first) because this allows us to see things that we missed before while we were looking at life through our one dimensional glass windows.

The biggest obstacles we face would be our perceptions and judgments — each almost inseparable from the other.
So often our perceptions become our reality and reality is a hard thing to disprove or dissolve once it becomes where we live.

Nevertheless, change is possible only if it is sought relentlessly (and at times near exhaustion). Breaking through the confines of a prison created over a lifetime of prescribed thinking in order to see things not yet seen demands a level of focus, commitment and resilience that comes at a physical cost in terms of actual effort invested. Nothing worth getting is ever easy — if it was, it wouldn’t be worth it!

To exist in the state of flux that comes from pursuing prism thinking is to free ourselves from the boundaries set by the opinions of others. To move into a state of thinking that allows us the opportunity to see the mosaic for what it is with each perception a beautifully coloured piece that adds to the complexity and the splendour of that prism. This is what it means to be truly free, freedom from conformity for the sake of submission, freedom from prejudice for the sake of our heritage, freedom from the resentment and the venom that comes from disregarding a facet of humanity simply because their perceptions, beliefs and values differ from ours.

Opinions, beliefs and practices that are so deeply rooted in our sense of self that we are hardly able to separate them from our identities or our identification with life, work to undermine the harmony we seek to attain with others and with ourselves.

Don’t ever allow the confines and limitations of a certain way of thinking or being, enslave you in a life you do not want. Shatter preconceived ideas and move into the Technicolor life lived in a prism. We all hold diamonds in our hands, all we need to do is lift them to the light so we can see things that we hadn’t noticed before and consider things in a way we hadn’t thought of.