To Richard, or Dick, on your blog on the Lynching at SOAS… you have to read his blog to get it…..

Dear Richard, as you, and anyone else at SOAS should recall, yours was the most bizarre intervention of the evening. Jonathan Hoffman, well-known disrupter (banned I believe from the LSE) made comments which were simple denials of truth. Fair enough. But Richard, your repeated, and angry (after all, I had to ask a number of times that you stop shouting) demands that the panel and audience (made up of 30–50% Jews including my partner) make plain their desire to ‘kill Jews’ was disturbing and concerning.

I suspect some form of paranoid delusion, perhaps post traumatic trauma but as a consultant psychiatrist sitting very near you at the time pointed out later, had one of her patients exhibited such outlandish, self abusing behavior, she would have considered them in need of serious intervention.

It’s interesting that your display of cognitive dissonance that evening is so complete and well structured it allows for detailed elaboration. For example, you report my father was a jeweller (only mentioned by the character Jack Cohen once) but fail to add the main characteristic which he discussed — that he, like many other politically active Jews at the time, was communist. I presume this was either too emotionally uncomfortable for you, for your potential blog audience, or that you simply do not have the historical knowledge to understand the significance. By the way, I’m also concerned at your focus on Jack Cohen’s wealth — a bit of a trope Richard, but hey, let’s move on.

You then proceed with a series of fantastical comments, or perhaps you were not listening, or your psyche has simply reconstructed the facts (a common experience for those exhibiting your symptoms) to suit the limits of your emotional tolerance for the truth. Again, for example you say, “she (that’s me) claimed that she was merely asking for a definition of anti-Semitism she could work with”. No Richard. I can send you the script if it would help. I said I was the 3rd or 4th person who had said I had not heard a definition of anti-Semitism I could work with here (i.e. in the training session).

On the slave trade I think my mother’s character was pretty scathing, and this might have been particularly hard for you to hear but she did clearly say that as Holocaust Memorial Day only commemorates holocausts that happened AFTER the Nazis, claims for its inclusiveness are ill informed. As for the rest — why come to a meeting if you’re not going to LISTEN?

I will finish with something I know you could and should get help with urgently, that must be eating you up and causing much of the anger you exhibit, something revealed by your claim that The Lynching says my father abandoned me. I can only presume some awful trauma in your past has made you PROJECT some unfortunate experience you have had with your father onto me. Dick, I’m sure your friends must call you Dick sometimes, and I feel oddly close, or perhaps it’s better to say, more sympathetic to you now I have more understanding of what drives you, can I suggest that you get some help for that anger — very soon.