Jacqueline Walker
Mar 5 · 3 min read

Hi, apart from giving a sort of liberal Zionist view of the establishment of Israel, which many, including Jews of course, contradict it seems to me you have (mostly) taken for your sources what you managed to get from the MSM — which to be frank is a joke. There was a time when journalists investigated — no longer I’m afraid. There are so many inaccuracies and smears contained within your ‘statements of facts’ I haven’t the time to refute them all, so I will just respond to your passage about me.

I don’t know what gives you the right, or the knowledge, to challenge my Jewish identity. No one of course would ever do that to yours, but they do it to me. Have you ever questioned why that might be? Of course this is in itself abusive and, unless you are a member of my family, can only be the filth you have garnered from the MSM. BTW my mother was also of Jewish descent, I’m married to a Jew and have been a member of a number of Jewish organisations for many years more than this witch hunt has been going on, I presume you either didn’t know this (it’s hard to get to facts out there) but to presume you can racially identify someone has some pretty awful precedents. Thank you though for mentioning that I am Jewish enough for the so called right of return to Israel, a country I and my ancestors for thousands of years have not been to whereas a Palestinian, removed from his/her land in living memory, keys in hands, still sits in a refugee camp. I don’t think Isral with its racist regime would be a place for me….. Of course, I’m also Jewish enough to have joined millions of other secular Jews in Hitler’s gas chambers — do you question their Jewishness too? Or is it your lack of research that enables you to write in this way? I’m sure it’s not the vicious colour racism from too many in the Jewish community which has prompted your denial of who I am. I suggest you read, for example, this article for more details. https://jfjfp.com/jackie-walker-responds-to-accusations-of-antisemitism/

I won’t be angry about your response to me, I’ve grown to expect that and worse, though as you know, questioning someones identity goes against the most basic tenants of Judaism but how dare you undermine the identity of Jews who support Corbyn? Many of who are Orthodox/Observant as you must know! What is you purpose in doing this? I believe we represent the majority of Jews in the LP….. what figures do you have that contradict this? The Jewish Voice for Labour are the only Labour group where you have to be both Jewish and a member of the LP to be a member btw…. to be a member of the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement you don’t have to be either Jewish or a Labour Party member — go figure. If you have anything like an open mind — and you present yourself as such — have a look at the web site for the film WitchHunt banned from Parliament last week — a film supported by a Jewish organisation, praised by the foremost Jewish British film directors Mike Leigh and Peter Kosminsky, whose contributors are all, as far as I can recall, Jewish. The web site has some great quotes from Jewish academics, commentators etc (including Noam Chomsky) as well as a trailer etc. I suggest when the film is put on line on the 17th March that you watch it, do some research and perhaps reflect on the prettily clothed abuse you have written here….

    Jacqueline Walker

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