Jacqueline Walker
Sep 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Labour Vision or The Lack of Any Insight…..


Yes — so called Labour Vision (who the hell are they?) has enlightened us at last!

The greatest moral challenge facing ‘our’ Labour Party is not the arms trade, global warming or poverty. It’s not the gender gap, the gap between rich and poor, the gap in life expectations — no. It’s not the millions of people from (most) minority groups in Britain who fill psychiatric hospitals, prisons, low paid jobs, who are excluded from the best schools, the media, positions of power in the Labour Party, the Labour movement, institutions and organisations. Silly me, of course it isn’t!!How could I ever think that having young people from your community underachieving, being killed in police custody is an ethical issue, no — no!!!

The major problem is not whether the poor and disadvantaged have a home, it’s not whether your home is clad in materials cheap enough to make it become a living crematorium no, it’s when, “members of a truly Socialist party” (the Labour Party) are, “complacent about, and even become advocates of anti-Semitism.”

And what evidence does the writer offer for this oft’ repeated claim? Not that these people need evidence because, yes you’ve guessed it — if you have the audacity to ask for EVIDENCE you are, yes — an anti-Semite.

Of course this vision of the Labour Left excludes the finding of recent reports not just by Chakrabarti but by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research that finds only 2% “of British adults can be categorised as ‘hard-core’ anti-Semites…. And that most of those with these ideas are outside of “the far-left”. So what’s going on here? Reading the report in detail we have it.

“The research also finds that levels of anti-Israelism are considerably higher than levels of anti-Jewish feeling, and that the two attitudes exist both independently of one another and separately.” And of course that’s the rub, for organisations like “Labour Vision”, blind to all else but their desire to support the Israelli regime, are desperate to establish a link that equates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. But I say, we must not allow these bigots to take over our Party (urghh….sorry, I sort of got into the style of this gobbledeygook for a moment).

Never mind — the writer still has his ace, “Can we confidently say,’ he suggests ‘that the Jewish people, against whom more grotesque crimes have been committed than against any other have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear from the Labour Party?” Not of course that there is any hierarchy of racism or genocide…… something I’m often told by people who appear to be insisting on the precedence of their group’s suffering.

I would say, how can we claim to be a truly socialist party while we endorse selling arms to countries who repeatedly break international laws, that lock up large numbers of children? How can we harbour people in our Labour Party who prioritise the suffering of one people over another in the way this writer appears to? When will we make our Party, the Party our ancestors fought for, a place that is safe and fair for people of colour, for Romany people, for Muslims, for women, for minorities excluded from power? For, to use the phraseology Labour Vision provides us with, until those who seek to impose their unethical political agenda onto our party are defeated, none of us can feel politically safe.