To paraphrase a quotation from ‘Great White Hope’, “White folks so good to me, sometimes I just wanna cry about it!”

Jacqueline Walker
Aug 11, 2017 · 3 min read
Comment made about my use of the metaphor and historical reference — The Lynching

Massa’ Andrew an’ sum a u you gud white folks seems to be just falli’n ova yo’selves to teach me a thing or two ‘bout ma histry, an white terror an’ all those complicated things. I never had a thowt of none of it till y’all toll me ‘bout it jus now. Anyways, all this made me kinda of think, it was time, yessir, te give som-a dat lovin’ concern an’ thinkin’ right back to y’all!

Ok - I could keep writing like that, but you get the point? Seems people, well some people, have been feeling distress, OH NO!!! And remember, causing distress is now a potential offence (if you’re a member of the Labour Party that is). Yes; if as a result of seeing, or even hearing, of a black woman using an image of a black woman being lynched for The Lynching you feel distressed, this is a potential offence even if you’re … white.

But hey, these people are TRAUMATISED you might say, they need help. So I thought, I better put things right, you know, not leave people hanging too long in case their distress made them feel strung up or strung out. So I thought it was up to me to make some sense of this.

It appears to have escaped Mr Coates (and his troubled, fragile political comrades and associates) that yes, not only am I black but I hold an American passport (having been born, yes, you got it, in America). Not only that, but if Mr Coates had researched however briefly before he wrote, something I would reccomend, he would have gathered that my mother was … yes, a Civil Rights Protestor who, in his words had ‘suffered real terror’. And that of course, being a descendent of slaves, that it IS my people that have been murdered, tortured, starved, lynched and raped as well as terrorised, not for 5 or 10 years, but for centuries yes — Coatsie - hope I haven’t upset you too much now but in case you want to know what you are trying to talk about, this trailer of the show might be of some help.

As an aside, somebody told me an interesting story that links to this somehow in my mind. During the Theodore Roosevelt administration a delegation of European Jews met with the US President to implore him to speak out and help motivate resistance against pogroms in eastern Europe and Russia. Roosevelt said he would do everything he could, but he was restrained by the fact that domestic politics wouldn’t allow him to speak out against lynchings in the south. After all, he asked, how could he do one and not the other?

You know what, I’m soooooo…… looking forward to making sure people understand the notion of metaphor and something about Black history at the Beautiful Days Festival next week, I can hardly wait to fill you in on what happens next….