MOO: On forming habits

Good, or bad, habits are formed by doing something over and over again.

I took a brief hiatus from writing, over the past couple weeks, to validate that I do in fact, feel better when I write.

I like to do this occasionally… completely change a habit I have to validate whether or not I want that habit in my life. I’ll stop drinking coffee for a week, just to validate that I do in fact, love coffee. Or I’ll wake up at 5am to remind myself, that I do in fact, enjoy sleeping in (but not past 8am ever) and wish that I was more like Omar, who wakes up at 5am every day.

I was having this problem though with writing, where I didn’t feel that I was writing anything of importance or of value to anyone else. That my words are inconsequential.

But, then I remembered that I too am a person. And that the process of writing one thing a day truly helps me learn. It also helps to counteract a feeling that I suffer from, that of ‘plateau-ness’. When I can look back and see all the little things I’ve thought each day, I recognize that though every day may not feel monumental, it is all part of this long and slow climb colloquially referred to as life.

Like a good Jewish mother, you, internet world, are keeping me accountable. So thank you for that. And if you are reading, I apologize; I am writing for myself, and will keep it all very very short, so as not to waste that much of your time. And you’re welcome for being an outlet for your procrastination.

Now get back to work!