Tips from a Product Equity & Inclusion Strategist

Many companies view racism as a political issue when it is actually a human rights issue that is upheld by political, economic, and social institutions. Categorizing discussions about racism as “politics” that individuals can simply opt-out of is a colorblind approach. This…

Summary from my presentation at Harvard's Design Impact Conference.

This fall, I had the honor of being invited to present at Harvard’s Design Impact Conference to speak about designing for equity and inclusion. This was an opportunity that was deeply in alignment with my values.

I have a degree in…

Designers Creating Long-lasting Communities

What I love about the tech design community, is that we are so invested in our collective growth. I find myself constantly looking to network, collaborate with, and learn from other designers in the field.

The following list is a collection of some of the Black Designers across the diaspora

‘Reunite’ is a user generated database that reconnects separated immigrants. — A UX Case Study.

Project Summary

Thousands of families have been separated due to immigration policies in the US. While many were ordered to be reunited with their parents; today, several have still not reconnected. …

When I learned about UX design, I fell in love immediately. The idea of being able to enhance the experience of users resonated with me in ways I did not fully understand. As I became more immersed into the field, I realized why it felt so much like home. Black…

Across the board, facial/ human recognition tools have proven to be erroneous when it comes to accurately identifying dark skin colors. These errors show up in two ways:

I. The product mistakes people with dark skin for something /someone else. II. The product is unable to detect dark skin

I. Product Mistakes People with Dark Skin for Something / Someone Else


We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in an interview room for your dream UX or Product design position and get asked “Who’s your favorite designer?” But how many of us are able to name Black designers in the UX feild ? — not many.

And sure, there aren’t many of…

Jacquelyn Iyamah

Product Equity & Inclusions Strategist. Degrees from UC Berkeley, and the University of Baltimore. —

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