Best Tips on Clean and Repair Party Tents

If you are a party rentals company or if you have your own party tent? It must be look great and clean at anytime in party or event. If you can’t clean your party tent properly it directly affect on its lifespan.

Here are some of the important tips to clean your tent properly. Follow this awesome time and make your party tent maintain for your next outdoor events.

Never store your tent without clean it.

Make this habit for daily, never store your tent without clean it properly. Make sure that your tent is free of dirt, grime, and stains before putting it away.

Check your tent is completely dry.

If your tent is not completely dry, there might be chances of damage of tents. So never forget to check its dryness.

Instance Repair, If Any Damage on Tents

If you found any small cut or pin hall on tent, try to quick repair it. IT you think, this is not too much and if it ignored, It may be the chance of to get much bigger. The best solution is, always keep tent repair kit with you so you can easily repair your tent anytime.

Dismantle your tent on Priority

If your party is over, quick dismantle your party tent. It will help to increase the lifespan of your tent.

Use only neutral detergents to clean your tent

Don’t use very strong detergents to clean your tent. A strong detergent contains bleach or other strong solvents than can melt away the vinyl and make plastic components of the tent brittle. So keep these things in mind.

Don’t use abrasive tool to clean your tent

IF you are thinking abrasive tool is clean your tent properly, actually it’s a wrong thing. With the help of Abrasive tools, increase the chances of damaging the tent like pinhole etc. and it also affect the vinyl of tent.

Use Proper Installation and Dismantling Techniques

When you’re are installing and dismantling your tent, it must be properly. There is many video available on YouTube for tent installation technique. If you’re not using proper technique, it may be the damage your tent.

Now, last but not the list, Put your all tent & party component in plastic bag. Wrapping your all component in plastic makes them easier to move around, and it keeps bugs and rodents from moving in.

Now, I hope, you will understood every think about party tent and & its tips. Follow this rule on everyday basis and increase the life of your party tent.