Jacques Beets
May 23, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi Shayne

Thanks for the article.

I however also encountered the same issue as federico riva in the comments here when running ‘npm run build’ and figured out the issue and I hope this will help other users.

I was using the webpack-simple configuration and for some reason when running the build process my index.html was not added to the ./dist folder. (So when running ‘firebase init’ it creates a default index.html file that will give you Firebase Hosting Setup Complete screen when deploying.)

How I fixed it:

  1. After running ‘npm run build’ and before running ‘firebase init’ copy and paste your index.html file into your ./dist directory.
  2. Open your newly copied index.html file and change the script src=”/dist/build.js” to src=”build.js”
  3. Run ‘firebase init’ and follow the steps as explained by Shayne (When asked to overwrite the index.html file — SELECT NO!)
  4. Run ‘firebase deploy’ and enjoy :)

You can probably change the settings in the webpack.config file to do this for you but I do not have that knowledge yet so this way will have to do for now.

Thanks again!


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