Should You AirBnB Your House? 3 Pro’s And Con’s To Short Term Rentals

By now, just about everyone is familiar with AirBnB. The company allows a person to rent out their home on a nightly or weekly basis to make a little bit of extra money. It is a great resource for not only homeowners, but travelers looking to save a little bit of money as well.

Without question, there is money to be made with a short term rental. The question is, should a person actually sign up to be host on AirBnB for their house? Here are some pros and cons to consider before getting into it.

Photo by Kelcie Gene Papp on Unsplash


Making extra money

Just about every person who looks into Airbnb is motivated by money. Just renting out a home a couple of nights a month is going to make a decent amount of money that can be used for other things.


The company has put in a lot of safety measures that are simply impossible to have if renting out privately. Not only that, but the company provides insurance against damage from guests, which is a huge relief for a lot of people. Despite being able to research how a person acts, there is still always a chance that they will cause property damage or some other type of issue.

Ultimate flexibility

If a person does not want to rent out their home or room on a certain night, they are under no obligation to do so. Each person gets the opportunity to make their own schedule. Not only that, but people can deny those asking for a stay without really giving a valid reason.



There is a lot of work that goes into keeping a home ready to host for AirBnB. Laundry, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, and more will take quite a bit of time and effort. Some people will outsource this work, but others will just consider it part of the job.

Sharing can be difficult

If a person is going to only rent out a section of the home, it can certainly take some getting used to when sharing a home with a complete stranger. First, everyone else in the family needs to be aware of this sudden change. Also, there are going to be certain things that just can’t be done when there are guests around. Sharing a living space is definitely something that takes a little bit of time.

Dealing with criticism

No matter how much effort is put into making a home the best AirBnB listing available, there are always going to be reviews that are less than favorable. Some people will be able to use this constructive criticism, while others might take it seriously and personally. How a person handles criticism will ultimately affect just how successful they are in the AirBnB business.