Tom Price

Poor people would be forced into EVs for the same reason that poor people tend to go to jail far more often. They can’t afford to avoid or skirt the law. The reason why rich people would want ICE cars is because they have superior performance, superior range, don’t need to have extremely expensive battery packs replaced on a regular basis, take much less time to fill up, etc.

Like you said. To get people to stop using ICE cars would take legislation. The free market won’t make this happen, so people would have to be forced into it (through taxes, fines, fees, confiscations, etc). The people easiest to push around like this are the poor.

As to how autonomous cars take control away from the user, imagine cars going only where the authorities say they can go, having your movements tracked, and so on. Of course, the rich could and would avoid such laws as well. Please don’t insult my intelligence.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to respond.

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