Use Night Vision Techniques To See In The Darkness

The ability to see in the dark or in conditions where sufficient light is absent is required very much by the armed and security forces of every nation. As their duty is to keep vigil on a 24x7 basis, they can be impaired if they are not able to make out what is happening under the cover of darkness. For civilians, this problem is not so acute and is confined mostly to drivers of vehicles and motorbikes who are faced with bad weather or low light driving conditions. Being able to see better can prevent a lot of accidents from occurring and avoid the loss of lives due to these accidents.

Visibility at night

The ability to see in the dark is called night vision. Only animals, especially the nocturnal ones, are able to see at night. Humans and monkeys cannot see in the darkness. Their ability to see is restricted to the area of visible light only, and beyond that they are completely blind. It is due to the lack of a membrane behind the retina that reflects the received light through the retina back to the object so that the visibility of the object increases, but the image becomes a bit hazy. The devices that are used to see in the dark compensates for this lack of physical ability. The images produced by them are monochrome in nature and usually have a green tinge.

Seeing in the dark

The devices for providing night vision were first used during the Second World War. The technology has undergone a vast change over the years and the recent night vision UK products available in the market are very good indeed. They can produce distinct images of objects over a large, and over a long distance. The images will be same as seen in broad daylight except that they will be green in color. It is the same as seeing everything in black and white with the only difference that the black color has been replaced by green.

Types of devices

The different type of devices for seeing in the dark comprise mainly of monoculars and binoculars. The monoculars are used for seeing with one eye only, and are similar to the small telescopes used in early days. The binoculars are used with both eyes and are more convenient to use as both eyes are covered at the same time and you use both your eyes at the same time to see the objects. Both the monoculars and binoculars UK can be mounted on brackets that fit on the head. The hands can be kept free when devices are used in this way that is specially required by the armed forces. They can use the binoculars and monoculars easily while moving, as they carry weapons in both their hands.

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