The 20 Hottest Startups Right Now

that don’t have a…

Jacqui Hocking
Jul 25, 2018 · 4 min read

Dear Charlton Media Group,

I understand that you run and own the Singapore Business Review, which recently released this awesome event featuring the “hottest” startups.

Although the 16 men you feature on your event banner I’m sure are worthy of the title, I thought I might kindly raise awareness of the oversight that you seemed to have overlooked the other half of the population.

But, thankfully, upon notifying your team, I got a swift response;

“Hi Jacqui,

Thank you for your input.

We really take into account the funding quantum as a good measure for a start-ups’ growth trajectory, regardless of the founder’s gender identity. We believe this is one of the most objective metric by which we can assess a startup’s potential”

Sound reasonable? Not really. Funding may not a reliable metric to define success, seeing as women only receive less than 2% of VC funding. Despite having business models that create more revenue.

(“Investments in enterprises founded or co-founded by women averaged at around $935,000, less than half of the $2.1 million on average invested within those founded by men. For every dollar of funding, startups founded by women generate 78 cents while for men, this number is only 31 cents.”)

However, for the benefit of the doubt, let’s respect the argument. Let’s use funding as the only metric for success. And, while we’re at it, let’s apply the Charlton Media Group’s strategy of ignoring half the population, and present the TRUE list of the “Hottest Startups” Right Now! So here we go:


Raised S$73.62 million. Founded by Ankiti Bose.


Raised S$39.3 million. Cofounded by Pranoti Nagarkar-Israni.


Raised S$34.09 million. Founded by Rosaline Chow Koo.

Love, Bonito

Raised S$17.7 million. Cofounded by Rachel Lim & Viola Tan.

Tickled Media

Raised S$11 million to date. Founded by Roshni MC.


Raised S$13.63 million. Cofounded by Teresa (Mayeth) Condicion.


Raised S$2.2M. Founded by Nikki Ramsay.


Raised S$5.66 million. Cofounded by Gillian Tee.

Parcel Perform

Raised S$1.45M. Cofounded by Dana von der Heide.


Raised 23,809 ETH (S$27 million). Founded by Val Ji-hsuan Yap.

These multi-million dollar backed companies surely make the cut in terms of having a good “growth trajectory” … not to mention the millions of funds raised, as a solid metric to “assess their potential”….don’t you think?

What can you do to end gender inequality in tech?

For Leaders, CEOs or employees:

A great place to start is joining Project Include. Choose to not send employees to as audience members, speakers or panel members to events that will not commit to creating diverse events.

For Event organisers:

Starting by signing the diversity charter and read more about what you can do here.

For Male Speakers:

Take the pledge not to appear on any panel that comprises solely of men. Also see the Male Champions of Change’s action page, and their panel pledge too.

For Female Speakers:

Speak up about events that will not commit to gender equality, and make sure to sign up for more opportunities here, and here.

For Individuals:

Choose not to attend and/or fund events that will not commit to creating diverse events.

For Sponsors:

Choose not to fund events that will not commit to creating diverse events. You make sure you have a diverse range of people representing your organisation at events you sponsor.

For Venues:

Work with event organisers to ensure you are meeting diverse needs. Choose to not host events that will not commit to creating diverse events.

Jacqui Hocking

Written by

CEO & Storyteller. Forbes 30 under 30. Systems Entrepreneur, helping Visionaries get more Visibility. #Storytelling #Documentary #Strategy

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