Your Skin’s Winter Rescue

Jacqui Beauty
Feb 3, 2017 · 3 min read

Luna oil Organics — 100% natural/organic skincare line based in Montreal

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It may be hard to believe that anything could save our skin from Montreal’s cold winter that’s got our skin feeling dry, dull and tight. But I’ve found a solution! And no, it’s not a quick getaway to the Caribean (but ahhhh…that would be nice)!

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The PITTA oil is great to use before applying makeup as it absorbs quickly and ensures glowy skin alllll day long. Made with 4 different types of natural oils (grape seed, coconut, sweet almond, and rosehip seed oil), this moisturizer gives the appearance of smooth and soft skin — um, yes please. Say good riddance to dryness, weird skin textures, and uneven skin tones!

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Luna oil’s VITA moisturizer is the perfect anti-again product. Tamanu oil is known for it’s properties of renewing healthy skin, while sesame seed oil infuses the skin with fatty acids to help retain moisture and elasticity. The consistency of this oil is thicker than the others, so I would recommend it for mature or very dry skin. Tip: Apply it before bed. You’ll soon find that perfect skin isn’t only found in your dreams!

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The purpose of the Blemish Fighter Serum is pretty self explanitory. But, what makes this acne treatment stand out is its’ use of linoleic/oleic acid — English please? Basically, pores become thick and sticky when you have a low linoleic balance, which results in those stubborn black heads and pimples. By applying this serum, we can level out this ratio and have little to no breakouts, while reducing redness, dry skin and bumpy skin textures! Plus, the scent is sure to soothe more than just your blemish.

Remember, all you need is 2–3 drops, so one bottle should last quite a while!

If you haven’t found reason enough to try a Luna Oil, the ingredients of every single one of their products can pretty much be counted on one hand.

What won’t you find? All that junk we try to avoid in our beauty products, such as:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Synthetic Ingredients
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Fragrances

Dont believe me? Check them out : & Use Discount Code “Jacquibeauty” at checkout to save 15% on all orders (until Valentines day!)

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