Don’t quit your job to travel the world
Ravi Raman

Thanks for your perspective on long term travel! I’m on an internet quest to better understand my feelings of burnout and aimlessness after six months on the road. I left my job at Amazon back in June, and I’ve been traveling with my boyfriend (who left the Navy) ever since ( We spent the first month and a half road-tripping from Seattle to Chicago before flying to Iceland.

Right now, we’re in Morocco after spending the last 5 weeks with family in the French countryside and the Amsterdam, and we’re still feeling burnt out even after all that downtime. I also find myself seeking a sense of purpose/something to occupy my time, which I suspect comes from my years spent in an intense business environment. I appreciate your honest portrayal of some of the downsides to long term travel, and it feels good to know we’re not alone in some of our experiences. Did you guys ever get burnt out? If so, what did you do about it? How did you decide next destinations without overthinking them?

Thanks again for putting your experience out there, and good luck in whatever your current adventure happens to be!

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