As the first hire into this role, how important was it that you wrote the manifesto, effectively…
Jonathan Kim

Hi Jonathan, great question! In retrospect, it likely was important that as the team founder I was highly bought in to this being a different kind of role. I was coming from a different industry, with a background in both account management and product management. I wanted to take the best pieces out of both of those positions to combine them into what became the Hugger role.

I am confident that any company wanting to re-frame their customer facing department(s) into a Hugger like role can make it happen. That said, clarity around the idea and intent for everyone involved would be key. I can imagine it would be easy for anyone taking the reins to fall back to their standard (insert previous role here) playbook.

The key for us was to ensure “customer experience” didn’t become its own island but in fact remained a core part of all company processes.

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