Time and Gems

Ive never really hoped for more time.
Clouds on my feet. Stars round this head of mine.
Never thought I’d get a message or see a sign.
Loneliness weaved all through my mind.
But something has struck me deep inside.
The lightning I’ve been trying to find.
And now that it looks like the stars have aligned
I suddenly wish I could manipulate time.
Back to midnight minus nine.
Back to when you stepped out that car...so fine.
Those cheek bones! That ass! That glow! Devine!
Overcast this night but she’d lit up my sky.
I took her bags. Walked her inside.
Nothing could ever waiver my pride.
She’d came here for me. Not for the sights.
She didn’t come once but she came twice!
Didn’t really think I’d find the love of my life.
Never thought it’d all go right.
Thought I’d drift alone on this arrogant sea of spite.
I swear once I saw her house of light
She grabbed me up and held me tight
And told me "Everything’s quite alright"
"I’ll never let you go. We’d have to fight!"
I needed each squeeze. So warm inside.
In this enbrace I’d realized
No matter how much time we have alive
It’ll never be enough to satisfy.
With that being said we can disregard time.
Because we shall transcend every boundary we find.
My Sapphire! My Sapphire! Hear this Ruby cry
"Never shall I leave your side!"
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