To the cis person angrily sharing news of the Trump transgender military ban
Angela Dumlao

Yes. How dare we cis-gendered privileged folk be angry and scared for our trans friends or family members. I’m sorry I don’t meet up to your report card standards for protest. I am cis-gendered. I am lucky to be so. I am aware of both my priveledge as a cis person and as a white person in a first world country. I am also aware of my lack of privelege as a woman. Being called Cis is not an insult. What I find insulting is the way the article is framed. As if my opinion and support is worthless if I haven’t read,watched, or listened to every piece of media by a trans author. As if I am worth less if I don’t meet your requirements for “valid support” of a trans person. I know and care a lot about a couple of friends who are in transition. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t spit in the face of my support just because of my being cis and therefore unable to fully understand what they are going through. 
I do use proper pronouns when my friends aren’t present. I do correct misgendering and outing without permission. I have never asked for or used a deadname. I don’t find the mock-up effigies of Trump funny, I find them a terrifyingly telling statement about American society. So to lump us all in the same category as ignorant people who either intentionally decide to be cruel, or are just plain unaware of their foibles, is not only ignorant in and of itself, it comes across as incredibly elitist. Trans rights, and trans saftey should be EVERYONE’S problem. Not just those who meet your entrance requirements for support. Because in the coming months and years, the trans community is going to need all the help they can get.

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