Verifa-branded flip-flops against stone background
Verifa-branded flip-flops against stone background

One of the things that sets Verifa aside from traditional consultancy companies is our strong internal communication and knowledge sharing. We don’t just sell consultants, we sell the accumulated expertise of the whole company. But how do we maintain communication when we have a team scattered across the globe in small groups? Well, you can’t beat spending almost a whole working week together at a resort reserved exclusively for you!

At this year’s VeriConf we flew the entire team out to Quinta de São Pedro, Portugal; an incredible resort not far from Lisbon. There we received updates from our pan-global…

Preparing tweets for machine learning

For a current side project I am using tweets as the input to a machine learning model. In this article I will share a short and practical guide to converting tweets into something suitable for machine learning use. I will assume that you have already obtained one or more tweets from the twitter API to analyse.

I will refer directly to the structure of the JSON provided by the twitter API as we go on. This structure is described in more detail here.

Assume that in our programming language of choice we have a variable called tweet and that element…

James Elderfield

Mathematical biologist, software developer, codebar Helsinki co-founder, and all-round nerd.

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