I was raised in a village called Ehden in the high and heavenly Lebanese mountains. It is a place where you grow up smelling the scent of thyme, rosemary and a wide range of Mediterranean herbs and plants. It is also a place of legends: some are false and some are true. One old man, called Abou Moisis (Father of Moisis), may he not rest in peace for he was a bitter story teller. Most of the legends he used to tell me were scary and not true. In the photo on the left I was pictured hiding in a bush with a false belief that the Romans are attacking my village (the Punic wars). Abou Moisis would always tell kids that the Romans will come and eat them. Growing up in a village that is harsh but blessed and peaceful at the same time can shape controversial characters. Therefore I sell financial derivatives in the Levantine and middle eastern countries and try to write books or poems whenever I recall the thyme scents of my childhood.

This is an extract of my first book which hopefully will be soon published:

”Adonis was kicked out three times from yoga but the third time was the last. Yet, that is not the reason why he decided to leave the country. In any case, he never trusted these courses. Over the years, he easily developed a hatred against yoga and salsa. Before yoga, he has been also fired from painting classes, boxing and archery for having deliberately killed a hedgehog. He always says that his neighbor Joe, a bald and smiling guy, was not the good example. Joe became unbearable after three years of yoga. Not only he reads Paolo Coelho on the beach, but he also commands the most expensive French white wine bottle. Worse, the girlfriend of Joe cheated on him with her best girlfriend while the poor guy kept the same silly smile that makes the cover of fashion magazines. It is the kind of smiles that one learns from a life-coach who never had a life”

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