Jada Peten
Jul 3 · 4 min read

Over the past years, we have seen an increase in cuckold related porn material. Cuckolding is when a man watches his partner have sex with another man. This porn is often depicted as a white male watching a white woman with a black man, usually referred to as The Bull. What is the popularity behind this specific genre of porn and how is it related to racism and depictions of black sexuality?

White men are immensely afraid of black men deflowering and making white women impure for their consumption. This was a major thought process behind the lynchings of black men during slavery but also well into Jim Crow. Often enabled by the lies of white women who raped black male slaves, white men would kill black men at the very thought of them touching or gazing at white women in any sexual manner. The bodies of white women are owed to white men for their labor at controlling black slaves marked as savage beasts. As such, any sort of violation of defenseless white women’s bodies by the black beasts made them impure. This deflowering could never be consensual on behalf of white women despite the fact that black slaves could never consent to sex with their slave masters. It was impossible for white men to comprehend white women willingly spreading open their legs to something so devilish as black slave men. As such, they became obsessed with the idea of black slave men running around raping white women and with this comes white male insecurity. Thus, creating a duality of racial ideology that purports white men being both inferior yet superior to black men.

This is also an effect of white society being obsessed with black bodies, especially in a sexual sense. For white society, Blackness and sexuality are connected in a way that makes them inseparable. Blackness contains an inherently raw, ravaged sexuality that can’t be controlled. Black bodies and their uncontrollable savageness blends into their expressions of sexuality. White women deflowered by black men is violence because of the violent nature of blackness and the savageness of black sexuality.

This is heavily demonstrated through the obsession with black genitalia. We see the beginnings of the myth of the black big cock (ironically, another black sexuality myth commodified and exploited in the porn industry). With this, the idea of a black male with a large penis pleasuring “helpless” or powerless white women at the expense of sexually inferior white men, gave substantial reason to lynch black men at the protection white women and solidification of the power and superiority that white men possess over both black men and white women.

This idea of black male sexuality and its relation to white women is behind the popularity of cuckold porn that depicts an inferior white male submitting to the sexual prowess of the big cocked black man violently taking a soft and defenseless white woman. Producers are not ignorant to this either. With porn titles such as #getBLACKED, THE BIG BLACK CUCKOLD TEST, or petite white household wife gets destroyed by BBC while white submissive husband watches, this category revolves around the obsession of the savagery and large penis size of black men as portrayed by white men, for white men.

On an interracial cuckold site, there’s even a description of white women that says they have been socialized to ‘breed’ with black men due to their “dick size, stamina, dominance, and social status.” And that, “The fantasies of white women no longer include white men and there’s literally nothing you [white men] can do but watch…so get used to it because black men don’t use condoms and white girls won’t let them anyway, so you might have to raise the baby.” Like this is intentionally playing into the narrative that black men do not father their children, which is essentially false. In fact, black men are just as involved as any other racial group in the fathering of their children.

This whole video plays into the subconscious feelings of inferiority that white men feel compared to black men when it comes to white women. (Warning: this link is NSFW and really disgusting and racist.) This feeling isn’t new and this genre of porn is playing off of old stereotypes of the relations of black men and white women that often led to black men being accused of rape and then lynched by white mobs outraged that a ni***r would ever touch a white woman, let alone, inseminate her.

The Black Bull is a myth created by white men and white women in order to project white insecurity/inferiority and object black men with a hypersexualized and hyperracialized focus on the “beast” like nature of black people. The Black Bull is nothing but a raceplay fantasy. It does nothing but continuously subject black men to racist sexualization, exploitation, and fetishization while reinforcing the dehumanization of black people and black sexuality.

Jada Peten

Written by

Black, Marxist, and Queer. Here to bash all oppressive ideals we have internalized.

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