Instagram Stories Taking Over?!

Instagram announced today that, “Over 200 million people now use Instagram Stories every day to keep up with friends and accounts they love.”

This is compared to approximately 160 million daily active users on Snapchat.

Daily active users, or DAU, are users who access the application at least once a day, on a daily basis. This is a huge statistic for social media applications at it shows user engagement, as well as compulsion to check the service everyday.

On August 2nd, 2016, Instagram announced the addition of “Stories” to its application. This 24 hour slide show format, pioneered by Snapchat, was at this time only on Snapchat. I remember waking up to this news with only one thought in my head, “Is this legal?!

Obviously, it was legal, as Facebook, Instagrams parent company, has continued to put the stories format into their other applications. There are now a whopping four services owned by Facebook that include a stories component.

So what is it that makes Instagram stories so successful? In a word “Influencers.” Celebrities, or those with previous social media followings are utelizing Instagram Stories as their following are larger on Instagram than Snapchat.

This could be in part due to the face that Instagram was launched in 2010, a full year before Snapchat was. This could also be due to the initial purposes of both of these applications.

Snapchat was design to be used with friends. Adding only personal friends and sending goofy, or inappropriate photos was the whole reason millenials, like myself, were drawn to the application. Instagram, on the other hand, is for sharing photo worthy moments of your life to a larger following. Mostly to brag, advertise, and remember the “gram worthy” moments in our lives.

This, as well as the fact that when Snapchat launched it did not have the stories feature, this is in part why I believe Instagram has a stronger media influencer and celebrity presence.

A lot of celebrities I follow, including but not limited to, Chance the Rapper, G- Eazy, and Emily Ratajowksi have switched over completely to Instagram Stories. Their following, and in turn reach, on Instagram makes it more worth it to invest in their stories platform.

Now what does this mean for us normal users? Unfortunately, that is hard to tell. For now there defintely a shift for those with a larger following to stick completely with Instagram, as it is just not worth it to post on Snapchat. For those of us without a following, I have noticed most of my friends have stuck with what we know best, Snapchat.

What do you think? Will Snapchat eventually be taken over completely or can both exist in harmony?

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