This is week 2 of my project songwriting process!

Week 2. Your Music Project Management

This week, we were supposed to begin looking at our “audiences” and to be honest, prior to now I’ve shied away from my target audience. I know that my music is easy listening and people of the older generation often appreciate it but there’s no reason that I can’t also be engaging a younger audience if I really make use of social media tools and merchandising.

I was very inspired from the task that was set this week to compare 3 artists with a similar style to my own, with a…

Hey! This is chapter 1! Week 1 of this journey, project, assessment or whatever you want to call it. Plus, week 1 of an even bigger journey of the next 3 years of my life at Water Bear College developing and expanding on my already existing knowledge and skills within music. Very exciting times! Feel free to stay tuned as I document this process.

Week 1. Your Music Project Management

So for part of my assessment for study block 1 is to document and explain my process/development of creating and recording a 2–5 min track.This week I began researching and listening to our favourite songs in…

Currently sitting on a bus waiting to leave Rishikesh for Dehradun. Already dripping with sweat, on a packed, humid bus, with lots of flies, surrounded by sweaty locals. Fortunately I have Nick Mulvey and many other beautiful humans singing to me in my earphones.

Being superhero fans, Chris and I HAD to go see the new Avengers movie the day it is released in India. However, the nearest cinema showing the film in English is miles away. So at the very least it’s going to be a *3hour round trip. Save me! …

I just did a self practice. Not a Yoga self practice. But an Energy self practice.

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A mixture of Yoga, breathing, Tai Chi, movement/dance, sitting. I plugged in my headphones. I listened to the music, my energy flow and gave myself what my body needed.

I let my mind wander.

I let my mind stay still.

I let myself feel a mixture of emotions.

I let myself be open to the shadows.

I let myself be open to the light.

I let myself breathe.

I let myself just be.

I’ve learnt a lot of things in recent weeks. One being that I find yoga quite restricting. With its preciseness. …

I think as soon as you realise you have boundless freedom to do what you want, that you can start or stop something if and when you want, everything becomes so much easier. With boundless freedom , you give yourself the space to grow, to expand, to soar.

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Eagle | Assassin’s Creed

I have the choice to do whatever I want. We all do. I can chose to change or not change something. Knowing, that whatever I do, is always down to my final choice. So ultimately I am the only one in control of outcomes that are directly associated from my actions.

Knowing that I don’t have to get up if I don’t want to. Knowing that I can decide to lay in bed, also gives me the freedom to chose another option of getting up early, if I feel like it. I’m always in control, but also free. There is…

So I’m sat on this flight to Ahmedabed.

Listening to Ben Howard.

I’ve been listening to him a lot lately. His lyrics have been resonating with me more than ever. That, and the fact I’ve ended my premium Spotify subscription, and had only him and Drake downloaded for offline use.

Listening to “Promise”.

So much of this song sinks deep down into my veins, into my being. I feel like the music is totally engulfing me in it’s perfect vibrational energy.

I feel so grateful.


I feel so incredibly grateful for feeling so grateful.

Gratitude is honestly my favourite…

Maybe I’m writing because I feel like I need to prove my productivity. Maybe I’m writing because it’s an outlet for this anxiety or maybe I’m writing a thing, just because I need to write something.

To be completely honest I’m writing this but also not even really writing at all. I’m speaking, and dictation is hearing all that I talk. Little characters pop into place and then they’re there… There on my screen, appear the words in which I share. So I’m actually speaking and not writing, watching the words materialising in front of my eyes. …

Learning, learning, learning. You never stop learning. In your life you’re constantly learning, and if for some reason you think you’re not, you actually are, you are just blind to it.

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Extremely grateful for the opportunity to spend time with these beautiful, majestic creatures at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary (Save The Elephant Foundation)

Every single time life’s throws things at us, we learn something even if we are unable to see it. Even when you think you’ve got some things figured out and you have nothing more to learn..SUDDENLY there are times when you realise that you actually don’t have a clue again, you no longer understand what you had understood, because things can just CHANGE. Just like that. In a blink…

So I probably endeavoured to write more often when starting this blog but sometimes you learn and experience so much that it’s hard to condense it all into an articulate piece of writing. It’s also hard to share, because it’s feels so raw and so personal to me.

I will give you a small piece of what I feel comfortable sharing at this moment in time. Maybe I will gradually reveal the real me by the end of this trip…or maybe not…you’ll (we’ll) just have to wait and see where this journey takes me.

This part of the trip has…

London > Amsterdam > Moscow > Beijing > Hong Kong #tourofasia

Ok, so originally I planed on doing this blog much differently, by being a bit more detailed with the events of my trip but actually, I’ve realised that the highlights are more important. I will share with you as many of the standout experiences that I have along my journey.

On my first flight from London to Amsterdam I felt as though the journey in which I was about to embark on felt so right and empowering. I was ready, calm and at peace, although a little anxious of…

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Follow my current musical journey at Water Bear College as I blog my songwriting development process.

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