I don’t remember a time when I didn’t sing or pen poetry, create Art or fill sketchbooks with a constant flow of ideas that seem to bubble up in tandem with an invisible tide.

Creativity keeps me going through the dark nights of winter or the depths of murky confusion when the light of reason at the end of the tunnel seems so far away. …

Lots of stuff going on at the moment but the most important thing is the upcoming release of our debut NETER album “Liquid Gold”

We are plotting our album launch on the 11th of December Online. You are very welcome to join us at the facebook event where there are more details.


There are new videos up on your Youtube channel as well so if you want to subscribe there for future releases:


For more info and updates you can check the Facebook event or G+ page.





Jade M

Artist/Author. Singer/Songwriter. Check out Art at http://www.esoteric-art.co.uk Keep updated on latest work http://www.neter.co.uk

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