Find the Right Niche for your Blog is a Thought Process

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Hey shuffler,

You may come across many sites or blogs to find out the ingredients of web hosting and may find out many informative contents. So, ‘why’ you need to read this particular post? Because at the end of this post, you could be able to test the proven method yourself, to find the best suitable niche of which you are an expert. I shared my own experiences gained through years to start a blog.

The very first time I really amazed about blogging was when I read a post of Victor Pride, from his blog Then after I ignited myself to become one of the successful bloggers around the world. So, continuously googling about it for another four years (really long time-you may say. But as a stay-home father I had to spend time on various things those years. So sum it up 2 hours a day could be better).

When you are mentally ready (listen… not physically) to start a blog of your own, the very first thing you have to do is evaluate your own capabilities (some other bloggers simply put it selecting your niche).

But it’s the process of evaluate yourself to find what subject is best for you, what you can deliver at the best to your readers.

It won’t be that easy without a notebook and pen (you may start to think of me as mad) but in the reality, this is the best ever way. Write down all your interested fields in the notebook, then put tick on those you really have knowledge of, you get at least five fields.

For example, if you are an IT professional you have good knowledge of computers, software development, any one if not all a programming language, work as a team which itself could be a separate niche, life skills which you should well versed so as to withstand in any field. That’s it.

That’s not to say you stick with five but don’t go less otherwise you get confused.

Then write them in separate pages one by one. Imagine every page as an individual blog of your own, list the things in each page what you will go to offer your readers so as they stay with you. After finishing this process, read them two or three times so as to find any missing points to add or any corrections could be made.

Now you have (as in the example above) at least five blogs ready to jump start. It’s up to you to choose the best one from the pages you listed. Not necessarily the longer list but the one you have sound knowledge and more interest than all the other.

You may think to add all those lists within one blog, won’t be wrong I say. But as to do this you should spend lots of your precise time creating contents to cover all those fields, but you will get little exposure. And finally you are forced yourself to concentrate on any one field. Don’t let the resistance conquer you.

I know this is not an easy task but ones you have done this, the remaining pa(th)rt of your blogging dream is going to be very clear as it induces you internally that what you deliver the readers is what you have more interest on and every piece of your contents come out of your joy.

“That is the reason why many pro bloggers say it is joyful to living out of blogging”

So shuffler, if you say blogging is your ambition, you are wrong. It should be what you plan to do with blogging.

Originally published at on December 6, 2016.

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