People told me that anorexia was a white girl disease. Only someone so narcissistic and privileged as a white girl would starve themselves for some twisted form of pleasure.

Blame the problem on society, your mother, your dance teacher, the magazines, Barbie. …

Blindsided I was stunned

You pulled me close

Smooth caress, Grasp tightened

Hot breath mingling, twinged with alcohol overdose

Close friends, my best friend’s ex boyfriend

No one saw this coming

You and I were never meant to be

Yet just this night nothing can get between

The two of…


You’re a pair of Wrangler’s, I’m a pair of Madewell’s.

Constantly at odds, yet intrinsically the same

And though I tried to quell

My feelings for you, my heart refused to be tame

I’m soft like denim, I like it rough like denim

You’re cool like denim, blue like…


I’m really sorry I’m not a good Christian, but I always knew I never would be a good Christian. Even though I go to church every Sunday, work in the nursery, and attend youth group, I’m your classic hypocrite. Ok, well I’m a pretty nerdy, virgin hypocrite. But…

The freezer door slides out with familiar ease. WHOOSH. A frosty burst of air brushes past my cheek as I immediately grab not one, but multiple containers of ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cookies n’ cream — though the cartons are created for many, I disregard- ALL FOR ME.


you think i’m too forward wanting

to be with you all the time

but why is a girl making

the first move a crime

Whenever I glance your way

My waistband is taut around my stomach

Restraining the butterflies that lurk

Is this sick thrill your way of making me…

All the women in my life think I’m pretty. My hair, my clothes, my facial expressions. I hear women graciously shower me with compliments, the majority unwarranted and undeserved, but compliments nonetheless. When I entered into a private school in my sophomore year of high school after being home schooled…

Jaded Athene

Just some angsty, crappy poetry

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