The Rainbow Pug is a Love Pug

A message for those who listened to the Reply All episode re: Our Pug, Schneider

Please do not send hate mail to the rescues involved with Schneider.

If you need to react, please donate to the rescue that took care of his medical needs at:

Schneider was born and lives his life for one purpose: To give and receive love.

There are things that could have been handled differently on our end and on the end of the rescues. That is to say, no one is good and no one is bad in this story. The rescues are providing a very important service for the dogs they help. Our story is just one story that is not representative of the work they do. Still, even in our story, they saved Schneider’s life in a situation where would wouldn’t have been able to(something we know because of the podcast) and we will always be grateful for that. Communications broke down and misunderstandings happened. These understandings have since been addressed. Though the ending is bittersweet, the rescue that spoke on the podcast only participated so we would know what happened to Schneider.

We are grateful that Schneider received the medical treatment he needed to continue his one purpose, to love. That would not have been possible without the rescues’ help. Thank you to everyone involved in the podcast for helping us have closure with this. And thank you to Matt Lubchansky for leaving us with a wonderful image that captured who and what Schneider was.


Jade & Justin (and the boys and the other dog)

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