What Quitting REALLY Means…

Quitting doesn’t means I can’t do it. Quitting actually means that the physical, emotional and/or mental pain is too much to continue.

The problem is that our perception of the pain we’re feeling NOW combined with the pain that we EXPECT we’ll feel in the future is too much for us to handle. But the key here is that this is our PERCEPTION of what’s going on now and what we are EXPECTING.

What would happen if we paused for a moment and considered:

What am I making this situation mean to me and about me?

What would happen if I knew that in the long run, this is a good thing?

How can I use this experience to my advantage?

What are my expectations saying about my state of mind? Is it positive or negative?

What outcome am I currently attached to that’s causing me to fee this way?

Now keep in mind a key distinction, walking away from an unhealthy or unprofitable situation after exhausting all efforts for a win-win situation is not quit. It’s cutting your losses!

You see our expectations and perceptions are driven by our belief systems that are nesting deep in our subconscious mind. Everyone experiences hardships. Everyone has good and bad things happen. However everyone is NOT reacting in the same way… And how we react is KEY. What dictates our reactions are our belief systems that shape our expectations and perceptions. So if you constantly feel are expecting or feeling negative emotions, it’s because we experienced significant emotional events in the past, classified them as negative, and are afraid of a negative future experience. What we have to do is go back to those major significant events and RECLASSIFY and REFRAME them. You can do this by asking yourself:

What’s the gift from that experience?

How am I stronger for having experienced it?

What good things wouldn’t I have now if I didn’t have those experiences?

How has it shaped me in a good way to make me the person I am today that I otherwise wouldn’t be?

While I can’t control the situation, I CAN control how I react… How can I react differently that would better serve me?

Ponder these things and be brave enough to be real and be honest with yourself about the answers. You might surprise yourself…

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