Great occasions call for great parties on Sydney Harbour

Who out there doesn’t love a good party? Caught in the monotony of daily routine, aren’t we all on the lookout for a reason to get together and celebrate with friends or family? Whatever the occasion, parties give you the perfect opportunity to dress up, flaunt that new outfit, accessorise and don those killer heels that are sure to turn heads your way!
Parties give you a reason to put aside your apprehensions and smile, may be even laugh. And, every time you laugh, you’re throwing a personal feel-good party in your brain; so never trivialise or underestimate the positive effects of a good party!
Let’s look at some great occasions and venues to throw a great party in Sydney.
Birthdays definitely call for a celebration
Whether you’re over the hill or still making your way up the hill, a birthday is a special day that gifted you a window to the chance of a lifetime — definitely a momentous occasion worth remembering and celebrating!
Hens parties are a great prelude to the wedding
What would a wedding be without one last hurrah for the bride? Standing on the threshold of a new beginning, every bride looks forward to reliving some great times with her besties. And, what better way to savour the freedom of being carefree and single, than enjoying the frills of a fantastic hens’ party thrown by your bridesmaids?
Celebrate years of togetherness with anniversary parties
In this world of flux and uncertainty, if you’ve managed to stick it out with your partner for another year, give yourselves a pat on the shoulder and throw a party! Celebrate love, togetherness, patience and tolerance with a great anniversary party, taking a positive step into a new year of your lives!

Why not have some office fun?
All work and no play definitely makes Jack a dull boy! So, take a little time out to enjoy the lighter side of life with colleagues you spend the better part of the day with! You should jump at a chance to organise an office party, be it a milestone, a farewell or an initiation — but do you really need a reason?
Choose a venue that works best for the you and the occasion
With party plans in the making, you definitely need a good venue and a guest list of like-minded friends, looking to have a good time! Depending on your budget, you have a host of formal and informal venues to choose from on Sydney Harbour.
To minimise effort and costs, you could choose to have an informal party at your house, a barbecue in your back yard or even a pot-luck!
If you don’t mind opening your purse strings a little more, you could organise a pool party or rent a place by the beach for a great night out.
And, if the occasion calls for it or you’re looking to do something off the beaten track, you could organise a party at a venue that really brings in the ‘wow’ factor. Luxury vessels that cruise the Sydney Harbour have private decks that can be hired for a small group of guests with all-inclusive dinner, drinks and décor deals to suit every budget. For instance, the VIP Deck on Magistic Two and the Azure Deck on Sydney Showboats give you all the privacy and frills you need to throw an impressive party with the spectacular Sydney Harbour as a backdrop. It definitely guarantees a unique party experience for you and your guests.
But whatever the occasion, whatever the theme, wherever the venue, a party becomes a party only if you decide to live it up, footloose and fancy free!
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