Surprise your loved ones with a unique gifting idea

A little perceptiveness and creativity goes a long way in mastering the art of gifting. Put a little thought into choosing a meaningful present for your friends or loved ones and the smile on their faces will make it all worthwhile!

Lending a personal touch always elevates the purpose of gifting from a mere physical exchange of objects to imparting a message that wishes for someone’s happiness. So, when it comes to gifting, would you really want to settle for the fruits of aimless mall shopping?

It’s definitely easier said than done as we all probably have some impossible people to shop for in our lives. They could be minimalists, who don’t really care for material gifts, or they could be finicky about the gifts they want, or they probably have everything one could possibly want!

If that’s the case, let’s put the gifting of material things on hold. Let’s start gifting experiences instead. Gifting the right experience rates high on the happiness scale as it gives so much more lasting joy than chocolates, flowers, toys, clothes or jewellery!

Experiences are gifts that keep giving as it leaves you with memories that bring a smile to your face every time you think about it. Now, who could possibly have any objection to that?

In a place like Sydney, finding the right gifting experience is not a tough ask. But you must realize that even with ‘experiences’, one size doesn’t fit all! You should know the person or the couple well enough to know the kind of experience they will enjoy and what they won’t!

If your recipients enjoy the thrill of a good adventure you could get them gift vouchers from any of Sydney’s adventure clubs that offer skydiving, hot air ballooning or tiger moth flight experiences.

For those who would like a unique family outing or enjoy a romantic getaway, you could gift vouchers for a lunch or dinner cruise aboard the luxurious Magistic catamarans or the Sydney Showboats. This will treat your recipients to a spectacular dining experience set amidst the gorgeous Sydney Harbour, an experience they will remember for a lifetime!

For those interested in performing arts, you could gift vouchers to the Sydney Opera House that can be redeemed for any performance, event or tour. With over 2500 performances a year, your recipients will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Another experience that can be enjoyed by both young and old are the much sought-after culinary classes offered by Sydney Cooking School. These vouchers can be redeemed by your recipient for a course of their choice where they will cover various cooking skills and the art of presentation across a range styles, in the process learning the art of culinary bling!

Children would absolutely love annual passes to their favourite attractions in Sydney. These are experiences they will enjoy time and again, and without a doubt, they will enjoy it with as much thrill and excitement as they did the first time!

These are but needles in the haystack when it comes to the diverse creative and lifestyle experiences Sydney has to offer! So, be rest assured, it’ll be a long time before you run out of gifting options that stray from the beaten track!

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