Well first of all I hold a different standard for all those who serve as part of the Government…
Louis Weeks

As I said I am not denying that that Bill Clinton should have been investigated earlier, before his impeachment. And yet you and you daughter feel in the very same things Trump was accused of the same way women accuse Bill with no evidence they were “running their mouths”. And you claim no double standard?

And as for a woman controlling her husband…that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. It was not her duty do so. He was responsible for his OWN actions. Women hold other women responsible for the partners actions why? Was he a dog she was responsible for training, or was he a doll that needed someones hand up his backside to make him move and talk? The last time I checked each individual person is responsible for their own actions. I understand why she stood by him through the accusations etc, most women do. I also understand her process in trying to deny what she was being told, women do it all the time. (Trumps wives all went through the same process I am sure.) I don’t have to agree, but that was her personal life. She was not a candidate, was not running for the position of president. And neither she nor her husband have ANYTHING to do with Bill O’ Reilly. Also as consistently and continuously stated the woman was employed by him, she HAD to be in his presence, she had to take his calls. You also seem to allude to the fact that when you pay someone that implies your guilt… So what did O’Reilly do? Oh yes he paid off these women.

All people against who accusations are made should be investigated, during the investigation it can be determined if the accusations are false. If you are innocent you should be all for it, so should their supports, since if the accusations are proven false you and your supports win. So I see no reason for you to be so upset about the fact that O’ Reilly should be investigated rich or not. It should be the same for everyone. Yet you do seem greatly apposed to it.

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