Do out soldiers take their children to the battlefield?
Louis Weeks

It names only one reason for why it was not completed. But there are other articles out there that name lack of intelligence among others. And you are making the assumption that I am far left just because I don’t agree with Trumps policies or his actions thus far or even his nominees. But in truth you couldn’t really know. Another problem here is, Trump made the decision to attack or infiltrate (all it what you will), the decision was not made by BO. So trying to hold him responsible for the actions Trump took are illogical. Anyone who thinks logically would have weighed the pro’s and con’s of the action, one does not take action simply to do so. Numerous articles have also cited sources that stated that he took action without sufficient intelligence. It as nothing to do with determination to hate, it has to do with reason. I do not know the man personally so I cannot dislike the man. I dislike his actions, the fact that he sexually assaulted women, degraded people, insulted people, his policies that has implemented I do not agree with as I can see the damage it will do, has begun to do. And his claims that certain things will better the economy, there is documented proof that it will not.

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