Or course more species of life have gone extinct before man was even a large part of the world, ad…
Louis Weeks

Deforestation and over fishing/hunting of animals, man’s expansion into habitats is a much larger impact

You are not wrong but what you are forgetting is that Co2 build up will become a problem with more deforestation, less plants more Co2 build up and if companies are allowed to skirt around curbing their emissions and are encouraged to believe in the idea of so called “clean coal” the situation isn’t about to get any better. And do you honestly believe that man has not considerably contributed to global warming? Or do you possibly not believe that global warming is a fact? Oh and since you say that man does more to impact the environment with the above act than what we do with Co2, you should read this https://www.carboncalculator.co.uk/effects.php its something that I read to my son young son about being AWARE about human impact.

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