Fuji Film Simulation for RAW in the new Lightroom CC

I was very pleasantly surprised when Adobe launched their completely new version of Lightroom CC. Whereas the Lightroom Classic CC is pretty much what we’ve always had, Lightroom CC is a new shot at what image editing look like in the future. Although I’m pretty stoked on what Adobe has to offer in their first version, there a some shortcomings which make it hard to use or even unusable for a lot of photographers.

As a new Fuji ower I was especially disappointed when I saw that the camera calibration panel was gone, which allowed us to get the beloved Film Simulation Profiles for our RAW files in post. Here is a tutorial on how to get it back.

Step 1

Import a photo into Lightroom Classic CC, go to the Develop Module and select the profile you want to add to Lightroom CC in the Camera Calibration section.

Step 2

Create a new Preset and select only “Process Version” and “Calibration” in the settings.

Step 3

Rightklick on the Preset you just created and select “Show in Finder”.

Step 4

In Lightroom CC, go into the Edit Section. Select Presets on the bottom of the Screen an then klick on the three dots next to the exit button. Now klick on “Open Presets Folder”.

Step 5

Now go to the Finder and drag the presets you created in Lightroom Classic CC to the presets folder of Lightroom CC and restart Lighroom CC. Since you only selected the camera calibration setting you can apply the preset when ever you want without altering the adjustmens you already made.

That’s pretty much it. I hope it helps.

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Photography — Editorial Design — Robotics

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János Adelsberger

János Adelsberger

Photography — Editorial Design — Robotics

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