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Classism is awful. However, you’ve already debunked yourself. In the olden days, Europe went nuts trying to get Asian spices and the like. It was a sign of class and luxury. However, (according to associate professor of food studies at NYU) after colonies in India and the like were set in place, Spices became commonplace and were no longer expensive. And so, not wanting to associate themselves with “filthy foreigners” and poor people, the wealthy upperclass in European white societies stopped doing so. Yale historian Paul Freedman states this started around the 1600's in France.

The joke of “White People Food” being bland and awful doesn’t mean we don’t believe good Swedish, Ukrainan, Russian, Polish, Greek, German or Spanish food exists or that we hate poor people because:

  1. Poor people can make well spiced food. That’s not even a question, just ask any lower class Asian family.
  2. Because the very same classist rich people you came to hate invaded so many countries and murdered so many people only to stick their noses in the air and decide that spices were no longer worth it once poor people could afford them.
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