Unconventional Success Strategy 3: How to get real topics that you will encounter before the IELTS speaking test

The key to success in the IELTS speaking test is to speak fluent and accurate English. Yet some candidates may say: “Yes, I have done that. But I am happy to go the extra mile, so is there anything that I can do to achieve an even better result?”

Yes, there is definitely something that you can do to get a better result — you can even get the real topics that you will encounter before the IELTS speaking test.

Let’s say you have finished the IELTS listening, reading and writing tests on a Saturday morning and the IELTS speaking test is going to take place in the afternoon. What you can do is to stand near the exit of the IELTS speaking test venue (outside the building) and ask those candidates who have just finished their IELTS speaking test: “Excuse me. Could you tell me what your topic was?”

The truth is: On the same day, only a limited range of topics for the speaking test is used in one country. That is to say, each IELTS examiner is using only a few topics during the entire afternoon!

Therefore, you should totally understand this “secret” and use it to your advantage.

You may wonder: “What if those candidates who walked out of the test venue refuse to tell me their topics?”

Well, you know there are many candidates, right? If half of them refuse to tell you their topics, that’s fine, as there are still approximately 50% of the candidates may want to tell you their topics! When one person says “No”. You say “Next!”

Even if only 30% of these candidates are happy to help you, that’s still pretty amazing when it comes to predicting what topics you will encounter.

Another very cool way to do this is to ask your family or friends to ask those candidates who just walked out of the test venue. (If somebody asks: “Why do you want to know?” The answer can be: “I am putting some resources together.”) In this way, you have zero risk because nobody is able to report you for doing that — no one knows who is really asking the question. (There is no rule which says you can’t do that anyway.) Also, your family and friends can filter those who are reluctant to help, thereby saving your time! Meanwhile, you can focus on your test preparation. How cool is that?!

All the best and let me know what you think :-)

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