Jade is:

black, an artist, not adhering to proper sentence structure, from Oakland, trying to be a therapist, a silly goose, an emo aficionado, possibly a witch, a strange ghoul, trying to be positive, trying to give love and light, trying to fight racism on an institutional level, writing run-on sentences, hating prison, never calling the cops, thinking that shoes are awful, always barefoot, as hippie-dippy as they say, forgetting to drink water, meditating, a deep cat whisperer, a magnetic force of nature, a soft gentle dove over-exercising, a part of the Peloton cult, an ocean of emotions, possibly spiritual, church hurt, church loved, too nostalgic, an over-sharer, a wannabe poet, a wannabe gamer, and as millennial as a millennial can get, a false time traveler, not a prophet, not really named Jade it's her middle name and no one has ever called her by it she also has never requested it.

This is the third act of Jade's life. Hopefully, in the fourth she will be a pop star wrestler like her childhood said she would be. She might become a romance smut writer of erotic vampire fiction. She might become the next Martin Scorsese but a black woman. Who knows?

She is in the process of becoming what is now and what is next.

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