How to avoid catfishers on dating sites

Jade Seashell
Jul 14 · 2 min read

Recently I’ve received questions regarding how to avoid catfishers on dating websites, so I’ve decided to outline a range of strategies today.

Strategy 1: You can find out where this individual works and where he/she lives.

Usually, when you know this person’s workplace and which neighborhood he/she lives in, this individual isn’t a catfisher. For example, you may send a card to their workplace and then see whether the member on that dating site mentions the card or not. If that member doesn’t even mention the card you’ve sent, you know that’s a catfisher. In terms of how to find out where he/she lives, you can follow him/her after work. Alternatively, you may hire a private detective to do that. If this person tells you that they live in the city center but you’ve found that he/she lives elsewhere, you know that’s a catfisher.

Strategy 2: You can use Video Validate (

Video Validate is a reliable and FREE tool that you can use no matter which dating site you’ve joined. You can easily send a Video Validate request to a member of a dating site either by clicking on the Vv icon on their dating profile or sending the request directly from — it’s very handy. After that member has created an “introduce yourself” video, you will be able to see the city and state that member is actually in. Better still, you will see when the video was created as well.

Strategy 3: You only meet this person in public places and never give them anything you don’t want to give.

This is a simply strategy — You only meet this individual privately after you’ve confirmed that he/she isn’t a catfisher. Trust should be built gradually and slowly. That person has to prove himself/herself to you first.

Jade Seashell

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Jade Seashell is an Australian author and columnist. When she is not writing, she is developing new strategies for her clients.

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