Why Tim Cook is so furious
Gernot Poetsch

Reminds me of what happened when ‘Uncle Sam’ demanded Microsoft reveal source code to Windows, all hell broke loose as every Tom, Dick and Harry could jury rig any ‘fricken’ code he wanted and drove Microsoft tech support crazy until the next operating system fixed all, or part of the ‘HOLES’. Now, in its infinite wisdom ‘they’ want Apple to reveal its super secret ‘source code’ for iOS.

Due to all the rampant hacking, Apple probably has iOS ‘mainframes’ throughout the world, if not backed out the door, guaranteed to be ‘super secure’ with no way to be ‘hacked’. What a way to destroy your reputation?

One has to ask how much Apple has invested in encryption and whether they will ever get any of it back, even if by breaking the code, it would violate patents and copyrights that already exist…

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