Girl of the Valley

Pt. 1 — Fearless Adventurer

She was born a girl of the valley

much of her younger years were spent wandering

the lowlands and swinging through the tangling ropes of the forest

To her, the forest made for the perfect playground

She’d wriggle her way under and around

the creaky logs

slipping past the spiky branches

without a soil or single scratch

and as freely as forest creature

She found great joy in exploring the twists and twirls of nature’s design;

roaming and frolicking without a worry in sight

She was a dreamer and a fearless adventurer

As she came to the outskirts of unfamiliar terrain

she’d feel this fluttering in her chest

and then up, up and over she’d plunge

launching herself — head first

into an ocean of untouched green

She’d reach from branch to rickety branch;

her teeny arms stretching beyond their natural width

she was by no means a lanky creature,

yet she had a zestful spirit and a hasty stride

which carried her where she wanted to go

This girl was tiny but twice as tough, and as clever

as she was free

She had these uncanny instincts

which rarely failed her

like an inner compass pointing her to where her heart most desired

and all through her glimmery youth

she carried on her questing

her senses serving as a trusty guide

revealing to her the most fascinating sights and smells

and leading her soundly through rough and pillowy textures

and as she came upon swampy grounds

she’d yank at the straps of her muck-covered boots

unfazed and unafraid

and onward she’d go again

off into the wilderness..

Pursuing every one of the whimsical shapes

as far as her eyes could reach

manoeuvring her way through nature’s tangling obstacle course

with wonder in her eyes

and without a drop of fear in her unscathed heart.