Heart series:

My heart is a grand fountain

My heart is a grand fountain

My crystal blood pumping

Gushing and glistening on

Pulsating through this never-ending spectacle inside me

As day breaks I listen and observe

My surroundings fluctuating

Swaying and dancing with the morning breeze

And all the while there is a constant continuum inside my chest

My vitals shooting up and plummeting

The most fascinating asembledge of sights and sounds

Thudding and whitsling

Humming and shreeking

But narrowing into that silver light

Twinkling and prancing with such wonderment

All else begins to quiet

And patiently I sit and observe once more

Imagining as the glimmering fluids inside me flow from the churning currents below to my highest points

And in awe I watch this

ruffling shower of white

creating ripples all around

And think to myself

This is the grand specitle living inside me.

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