What is beauty if you don’t see it?

What is beauty if you don’t feel it? 
Beauty’s known to stick around, 
When you find the common ground, 
Take the time, 
You break it down, 
You chop it up, 
Make it sound.
Find those unique and uncommon ways, 
To build it strong in different arrays. 
So many do not even know it, 
But take your beauty and you show it, 
Fact is that you know you owe it, 
Some respect so you can grow it, 
Develop power, 
You can show it’s, 
Multi layers when you own it. 
Fine lines define the time, 
The creases crack, they split divide, 
Your beauty seeps into the spaces, 
To find grim love, in all wrong places. 
Develops scars and leaves you traces, 
Of the love that it displaces. 
Cold and careless, 
Filled with traces,
Beauty morns, 
It’s then left tasteless. 
Brokenhearted, lost misplaced it- 
Was neglected, raped and chased with, 
Empty dreams so gone, so wasted. 
Beauty left. 
She bounced, she shakes, 
Into a place where she feels safe 
Boundaries, walls that can protect it. 
Cease it’s power- 
Fill it’s cracks- 
Somehow you’ll know you want it back. 
But beauty’s gone, 
It’s hit the sack, 
Your beauty’s gone- 
Ne-ver turn back! 
You took the time to finally see it, 
And the time to finally feel it, 
But you’ve never felt the power, 
Your beauty brings when you shower, 
In the love that it devours!

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