All through our lives we have listened and learned. From the hearts of those that dared to love and sore. Or, to those pierced by the daggers of indifference, breaking the laws of love, only to leap into loves lost, and sometimes never found. The laws of attraction range anywhere from a casual befriending, to chancing the more unorthodox sort, that turns toxic and never mixing. Like oil and water that brakes the laws straight from the beginning. First encounters occur, hearts are opened, and emotions are endearing. And though they may have traveled from different walks of life, acknowledgement of their individual perspectives is important, but remaining open-minded and selfless is key to maintain balance in the laws of love. Always strive.
For reasons that are most times unspoken or unexplainable, some people find love in others more distant and unattainable. Necessary when entering into a relationship of any kind. If you are to ever make an attempt at any shade of greatness and achieve, remove ailing ‘isms’, most importantly relinquish pride to feel truly free. Bring down your stubborn walls and any known flaws you generally hide. And above all else when the world turns on you, the balance seems off and laws no longer apply. Believe in your love laws, and restore the balance so your hearts are free. From this day on, it will be game on, true love against the world. You and me!

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