Your Assumptions of Me

I know what you think you see!
Something definitely superficial, self-Absorbed, transparent,
Or let me guess,
Carb Smart, ridiculous diets and Sugar Free.
The first mistake,
Your incorrect assumptions,
Next time,
Go ahead,
Just ask me!

You’d be surprised, I may even turn out to be friendly!

The first look like a crook,
A quick judge,
Like a book.
The way you stand with that stare,
Your eyes burn holes in me as you glare.

Embrace the adventure in me,
Open the first page up and you’ll see.
I’m here-
Open souled
And open hearted
Often times conclusions drawn,
Assumptions retarded.
Though deeply rooted,
Boldly ignored,
And even disregarded.

Yet I still manage to humbly amaze myself more each day.
Like a flower blooming in the garden,
During the crisp break of day.

Before we continue with this game of truth,
Not dare,
Use your grand imagination,
Flip me inside out,
And remove my hair.

Raw facts,
Candid truths,
And rough edges remain bare.
If you expected a straight arrow,
Smooth surfaces and flare,

Open up this book,
Turn pages,
Jump chapters,
Get lost in me,

Uniquely genuine and non-judging.
Don’t mistake my kindness for an assumed,
Smooth and careless chance to even go there.
Whether a feisty frump of a feline,
Or the millionth most masculine,
Awaiting his emasculating,
Remain aware.

Realizing my uniqueness has become increasingly rare.
Just a simple,
Selfless abyss,
Of love surging.
While the Devil’s thirsty, flaming,
Desperately lurking minions,
Couldn’t penetrate,
Or impair.

Surrounding smoking mirrors of life,
Cast reflections on you,
Come prepared!

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