I see you

I think at this point, I need to keep a running tab of the bullshit that happens around these parts.

Last night had a nice little experience. Went to go for a walk since it was 60 degrees out after dark. Came back to the house and got in the car to run a quick errand. Noticed a car drive by that we first, ignored. Pulled out and ended up behind this car. Apparently this was odd to them and they flipped around, driving over the lawn to go the other way.

For a moment, I thought this was odd.

Then, my partner said, turn around.

Pulled the car around and came back around the corner, we then realized the car had taken off to get out of the neighborhood. I sped up a bit to see where they were headed as they turned out onto the Main Street. As they did, they turned down a dead end road. We turned down another street to see if they would come back. I saw them pass by, so we went around the other way to come in on the other end of the neighborhood.

We noticed they were stopped as we came in. They turned around in front of us and again sped down the road to get out of the neighborhood. Once again they quickly turned down the dead end road.

We ran our errand and came back to look at our cameras.

Yes we have cameras because these people in this town do stupid shit.

Sure enough, this car waited for us to leave. Came back around and stopped in front of our house. From the footage we were able to get their license plate.

It’s interesting that not only are the under cover cops driving by our house several times a day, yes I see you assholes, now we have people in random cars doing the same thing…

Thursday my partner filed her lawsuit towards the city.

The last lawsuit that was filed for defamation, it only took 24 hours for someone to put a damn nail in my tire.

Thanks for that.

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