Phone is love, Phone is life.

My media use dives into certain aspects of who I am outside of my phone or computer screen. Touching things outside of a like button on a video of a guy falling over, even though I do spend plenty of time watching things like that. My most recent discovery of absolute joyous time wasting would have to be netflix. When im not making my own music I like to watch the seemingly endless list of movies and films that are exposed to me at a very affordable price. But has Netflix caused diminishing profits in the film industry? or has it caused less reason to illegally download causing positive gains?

After a long day of being a manly man, doing manly stuff. Nothing feels better than to take my rugged steel cap boots off, get a nice bitter beer and watch some tv. But things like adds and limitations to what I can watch have always been a problem, and having to leave the house to go rent a movie, was far to much of a hassle. Being able to access literally thousand of films or movies on netflix ( makes it incredibly difficult to get stuff done and I use it to procrastinate on the regular. In fact I’m watching the film ‘Wedding Crashers’ throughout the making of this blog.

Being the final straw that broke the camels back when it came to movie rental companies like “Video Easy” and “Blockbuster”, Netflix has been crushing all the competition. Netflix started as an online movie rental business in the late 1990’s, to todays seemingly endless suply of easy to view films and tv series. But what is it doing for the film industry? Statistic say it is destroying the TV industry because anyone who can access the internet can have this product, and at ten bucks a month who can complain? . Its wasnt hard for companies like netflix, amazon and hulu to take over the industry with such ease, with cable companies being rated as one of the most hated in rates and in instalation. The option of goin wireless on a tablet or laptop has appealed to the masses. .

But in the end, what is more important? The fact that advertisement companies are making less money by trying to tell you to buy Mcdonals right now cause they do all day breakfast now on commercial adds. or the fact that people can just enjoy what they wish to watch? I, being the consumer, know what I prefer.

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