15 Creative and Unique Watercolor Ideas For Beginners

Getting creative is an excellent way to relieve stress, clear your mind, and have a little bit of fun. The simple act of making something can take you from being an uptight mess to channeling your energy into a project that will make you feel relaxed and accomplished by the end of it. If you are looking to have some traditional fun while also creating something that you can be proud of in the end, these creative and unique watercolor ideas for beginners just might be exactly what you need. You do not have to be Pablo Picasso to make any of these beautiful DIY watercolor experiments, you just need the supplies and a little creativity.

1. Custom Watercolor Sneakers

2. Watercolor Signs For Game Day

3. One Of A Kind Designer Watercolor Gift Bags

4. Exciting Geometric Watercolor Designs

5. Fun Name Tags

6. Your Very Own Custom Cards

7. Chic Signs For Your Bedroom

8. Pastel Watercolor Shoelaces

9. Rainbow Watercolor Picture

10. Ombré Watercolor Signs With A Name Or Word Of Your Choosing

11. DIY Custom Notebook Covers

12. Trendy Watercolor Mugs

13. Watercolor Easter Egg Decorations

14. Splash of (Water) Color Gift Tags

15. Custom Watercolor Invites


Any beginner needs a place to start, and when it comes to making art, your main focus should always be creativity and self expression. Trying your hand at any of these unique watercolor ideas is a great way to get used to painting and mixing colors before you jump straight in to making complex watercolor masterpieces. At the end of the day, you just need to have fun and remember that practice makes perfect.

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