How to Install Bourbon on a Mac Using Terminal

Open up Terminal either through the Utilities application or by clicking the search at the top of the screen.

Using Terminal commands, navigate to the directory of where you want your Bourbon installed. You will want it in the same folder your css file is stored.

Some essential terminal commands:

Ls — lists all the folders in the directory

Ex. Name-Of-Your-Mac:~ Name$ ls

Cd — change directory

Ex. Name-Of-Your-Mac:~ Name$ cd type-name-of-directory

Cd ~/Name-of-Directory — go back to previous directory

Ex. Name-Of-Your-Mac:~ Name$ cd ~/Name-of-directory

After navigating to the directory you want to install Bourbon, type gem install bourbon or sudo gem install bourbon if you need write permissions.

If you can’t cd into directory, make sure you’re not in user setting and you are in the root.

For example my-macbook-pro:/ myname $

To get to root type cd / myname $

The forward slash signifies root

Type bourbon install in terminal for final step