How to Sync Atom Text Editor Across Multiple Computers

Download Atom from

Install the sync-settings package from the Settings panel. This can be accessed by typing Settings in the Command Palette.

You will need to have a github account and create a personal access token. You can get the link to the page to create this token via the sync-settings setup instructions in the sync-settings settings dialog.

Here’s the link for reference.

Make sure to select the create gist option.

Create the token and keep. You will not br able to access the token id later.

After creating a token, you will need to create a gist ID.

Make sure to click create secret gist if you don’t want any body to access the gist.

The gist id will be in the url after the main domain.

Paste the id in the gist id field in the settings dialog.

In order to copy all your atom settings to another copy, you will need to backup your files.

Press Cmd+shift+P to launch command palette on mac. Then type in sync settings backup. On the computer you want to duplicate, type sync setting restore.

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