Keep your mind, focused.

Everyone will tell you no, some will probably agree out of courtesy.

But there should be nothing else clearer than your thoughts because you see the world differently than anyone else on this sphere.

Keep your heart, open.

Everything that will go wrong, will go wrong. It is an uphill battle that you signed up for.

But I promise everything will be a setback that you want to learn from because shit comes your way when you haven’t seen enough, not because you are not good enough.

Keep your soul, grounded.

Everyone will question what are you doing, some will probably find it fascinating.

But not everyone commits to their passion every damn day and because of that undying love for this vision that is what will set you apart.

Well you would probably need all that advice you can get, all that contacts you wish for, all that mentorship you want, but it’s all about the intentions here.

What are you helplessly passionate about? Even if it’s just a hint, maybe it’s a cup, it’s a car, it’s a pen, just get started and you will find your way there.

However do not start something for the sake of it. Speed will not get you anywhere, it’s never about speed, it’s about that one vision you want to portray to the world out there.

Take as much time as you need, not all who try will succeed, not all who fail should not proceed.

Don’t believe anyone that says you’re wasting your time. Because buddy, do they know you? Can they predict the future? Do you really want to pass up on a chance to witness your passion manifesting?

Think with your mind, guide your heart, feel your soul. That’s all you really need to do.

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